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Student Funding


There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge from a wide variety of sources.

The Cambridge Funding Search tries to include as many of these as possible to make your search for funding easier.

If you are a potential applicant for Graduate Study, you will need to complete an application form for admission via the applicant portal -

There is a funding section on this application form, and by completing this section, you will be considered for funding that is listed in this Funding Search under “automatically considered”.


Please note that you will only be automatically considered for funding if you are eligible, e.g. some funding competitions are only for applicants of certain nationalities or studying certain subjects etc.

The Graduate Funding Competition requires applicants to be ranked by the department in order to be eligible for consideration for funding.

Current students

If you have already been admitted to a graduate course, there is only very limited funding available for you e.g. for fieldwork.  Students will be expected to have the minimum required financing in place for the duration of their course before they are admitted.

Of course, if you are applying to continue (e.g. from an MPhil to a PhD) you will be eligible for consideration for funding for your new course as with other applicants.


For any queries please email: